Winx Topix: Roy x Aisha x Nex II

I’ve just finished re-watching episodes 3 and 4 for the purpose of reviewing. Episode 3 introduced us to Nex and Thoren, two paladins who, out of nowhere, join up with the Winx and Specialists to help them with defeat the Treants. And, of course, with new male additions, comes new drama! This time, it revolves around Aisha, Roy and Nex, all bound together by the classic love triange. Today, I will be looking at the characters involved in the love triangle and their relevance to the plot. I will also look at their relationship with Aisha and shamelessly compare them to Nabu, Aisha’s old and currently deceased boyfriend. In the last post, we took a look at Roy in all his bastard-ness, but today let’s take a look at the other competitor in this war: Nex.


We first saw Nex in S6E3 with Thoren as a paladin who was training with the Specialists. He returned in S6E4 and S6E7. All I can say is I haven’t liked and hated a character this much before. He’s far from being my favourite male character, but he has several points that stop me from disliking him.

Personality-wise, I’d say that Nex is probably the biggest jerk in the history of jerks. He’s rude, egostistical, arrogant, insensitive, and downright mean…and I like him? Hmm, perhaps this has something to do with the fact that he’s quite similar to Riven, undoubtedly the most developed Specialist, both in his relationships and personality. Those comparing Nex to Riven have reason to: they’re both competitive, arrogant jerks who have some sort of rivalry with another of their species. But both have 2 completely different things about themselves. Whilst Riven is grumpy, Nex seems more upbeat, for lack of a better word. Riven hates women and lacks charm, but Nex is a womaniser and a flirt. But, the one thing about these type of characters is that they all get redempted. Riven get his redemption in season 2, Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender gets redempted, and Bell Renjouji from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live( watch it, it’s a good show, dammit) gets her own redemption, as well. It’s something that’s entertaining to watch, and if they go that route with Nex, I feel that the fandom will become more convinced that he’s good for Aisha. Though with what they’ve been doing with the characters recently, I’m keeping low expectations of his character development.




But is Nex relevant to the plot in season 6? No, he isn’t. One might argue that he was there along with Thoren to help defend Lymphaea in S6E3 but they still lost to the Treants anyway. Just as Thoren exists just to be Daphne’s love interest, Nex exists just to be in the love triangle. His character otherwise has no purpose in the story.

Nex has no reason to like Aisha, but there are 2 theories I’ve come up with as to why he is in love with her.

1. Opposites Attract.

Now the one problem I have with the couples in Winx is that those involved in the relationship have too much in common with each other. With Aisha and Nabu, Nabu was just a calmer, more sociable version of Aisha. We can’t lie however that he had a great influence on her. The rough-and-tumble girl softened up considerably and became more feminine ( though her constant gushing over Nabu could get a little grating). With Nex, I think it’ll be Aisha doing the influencing. Whilst Nex lacks sympathy and tact, Aisha is quick to sympathise with people and knows how to handle other people’s feelings. Her tough and no-nonsense attitude would put him in his place and prevent him from being rude and insensitive. In other words, he can’t be a jerk around her and I think he knows that. Nex knows he’s a jerk and subconsciously wants to improve himself. As a result, he feels attracted to her because he knows that being around her would make him a better person! Now, if only the writers would choose to go down that route…

2. Nex likes challenges.

Managing to get a girl like Aisha to date a guy can be quite a challenge. She’s pricklier than a cactus and moodier than a teenager. Nabu managed to conquer this obstacle and ultimately won her heart. Roy had it easy, but with Nex, she’s put up her defences again. This is ironic, because it not only grabs his attention, but makes him all the more determined to get through to her. This happened with Nabu and this will definitely happen with Nex. With looks and badass skills like his, I think it’ll be safe to say that he’s fairly smooth with the ladies. So, when Aisha doesn’t fall for his charms, he feels impressed and sets out to make her fall for him (and prove he is the ultimate player!!). Though this might seem shallow at hindsight, as Nex tries to get her to fall for him, he will soon find himself falling for her. These sort of things happen in romantic movies all the time so I won’t be surprised if the story went this route instead.

Finally, I think that Nex has the potential to be a good character. The fact that he’s greatly flawed leaves lots of room for improvement. His lack of relevance to the plot doesn’t stop him from being a great character, and I find him more likeable than Roy. Good luck, Nex! I’m rooting for you all the way!

Well, as you can see, the theme of the blog has changed quite drastically. That’s mainly because the Twenty Eleven theme just wasn’t doing it for me. This theme however is God-sent. Anyway, all this talk about boys and romance has made me quite hungry, so I’ll stop writing now. Next, I’ll be reviewing S6E4. Oh, goody.


3 thoughts on “Winx Topix: Roy x Aisha x Nex II”

  1. I wasn’t convinced at all,roy is the unnecessary character .if u continue watching s6 Aisha brings out the sweet ,humble and shy part of Nex .Later in s6 roy behaves so rude and like a dick head .Aisha should choose Nex and maybe Roy will later fall in love with minor character like Roxy .

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