Winx Topix: Roy x Aisha x Nex I

I’ve just finished re-watching episodes 3 and 4 for the purpose of reviewing. Episode 3 introduced us to Nex and Thoren, two paladins who, out of nowhere, join up with the Winx and Specialists to help them with defeat the Treants. And, of course, with new male additions, comes new drama! This time, it revolves around Aisha, Roy and Nex, all bound together by the classic love triange. Today, I will be looking at the characters involved in the love triangle and their relevance to the plot. I will also look at their relationship with Aisha and shamelessly compare them to Nabu, Aisha’s old and currently deceased boyfriend. First let’s take a look at Roy.



Roy was first introduced to the audience in S5E6 as a young man who worked for Aisha’s father. He was later seen in S5E8 as well as the season finale, where he helped keep the mutant mermaids at bay. When I first saw Roy, he was actually my favourite male in the show, bearing in mind that I saw season 5 before I watched season 4 and finished watching season 3 (so don’t get mad at me, Nabu fans, I saw Roy before I witnessed Nabu’s awesomeness). In fact, whenever I go back to watch S5E8, I can’t help but feel a surge of affection towards him. Then, season 6 came along. Needless to say, Roy went from being my favourite male character to being my least favourite character, ever.

The reason why I stopped liking Roy and stopped shipping RoyxAisha was to do with Nex. Nex’s appearance in season  6 and his being a suppposed ‘threat’ to his relationship to Aisha brought out a new side of Roy, one that was possesive, malicious and jealous. Even his profile picture says that! With that body posture and over-confident smile, how could I not have seen it coming?! What happened to the sweet, shy guy I saw in season 5?! Well those of you calling Roy ‘Nabu 2.0’ can stop that, because he’s nothing like Nabu! Five of the things that I liked about Nabu was that he didn’t get easily jealous and was confident in his relationship with Aisha. He was neither posessive nor hot-headed, and his peaceful nature complimented Aisha’s more rebellious one.

Nabu looks worried. He should be, his evil clone has come and taken his place and Aisha’s trust.

Roy, however, doesn’t compliment Aisha. In fact, I can’t think of any good points about Roy that doesn’t come from being brave and handsome. Over time, his somewhat domineering and over-protective attitude will eventually get on Aisha’s nerves. And I can’t wait for when they do!

So how is Roy relevant to the plot in season 6? In season 5, I could understand him being there as he was the only guy who could protect the girls because he could swim and breathe underwater. But, after that, shouldn’t he have returned to Andros to continue driving Aisha’s dad’s yacht driver? Or was he so overcome by his love for Aisha that he simply felt that he had join Red Fountain, to gain better access to Alphea? Now, word has gotten out that Nex will indeed steal Aisha’s heart (hopefully), so what’s the point of him still being there?


To make sure they end their relationship properly!

But what was the point of their relationship even existing?

Isn’t it possible to have a young male character who doesn’t become romantically involved with one of the girls? It’s Winx, of course it isn’t! Roy’s existence was neccessary in season 5, but in season 6, I really don’t see why he should still be there. He’s kinda like a leech. How did he suddenly become pals with the Specialists anyway?

We also never got to find out why he was suddenly in love with Aisha. The reason Nabu fell in love with Aisha because seeing her face always brought a smile to his face. So what happens to Roy whenever he sees Aisha’s face? We don’t know. Hellllooo! If you’re gonna crush on someone, at least give me a sufficient reason why you are!! If it’s one of those ‘love at first sight’ things, then, trust me, his relationship with Aisha is going to fail.

Overall, I don’t think that Roy is a good character. He’s irrelevant, unlikeable and a downright awful rip-off of the real thing. He was no personality whatsoever and has no meaning to the plot at all. I really hope he returns back to Andros soon. He won’t be missed.


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