Winx Topix: Roy x Aisha x Nex II

I’ve just finished re-watching episodes 3 and 4 for the purpose of reviewing. Episode 3 introduced us to Nex and Thoren, two paladins who, out of nowhere, join up with the Winx and Specialists to help them with defeat the Treants. And, of course, with new male additions, comes new drama! This time, it revolves around Aisha, Roy and Nex, all bound together by the classic love triange. Today, I will be looking at the characters involved in the love triangle and their relevance to the plot. I will also look at their relationship with Aisha and shamelessly compare them to Nabu, Aisha’s old and currently deceased boyfriend. In the last post, we took a look at Roy in all his bastard-ness, but today let’s take a look at the other competitor in this war: Nex.


We first saw Nex in S6E3 with Thoren as a paladin who was training with the Specialists. He returned in S6E4 and S6E7. All I can say is I haven’t liked and hated a character this much before. He’s far from being my favourite male character, but he has several points that stop me from disliking him.

Personality-wise, I’d say that Nex is probably the biggest jerk in the history of jerks. He’s rude, egostistical, arrogant, insensitive, and downright mean…and I like him? Hmm, perhaps this has something to do with the fact that he’s quite similar to Riven, undoubtedly the most developed Specialist, both in his relationships and personality. Those comparing Nex to Riven have reason to: they’re both competitive, arrogant jerks who have some sort of rivalry with another of their species. But both have 2 completely different things about themselves. Whilst Riven is grumpy, Nex seems more upbeat, for lack of a better word. Riven hates women and lacks charm, but Nex is a womaniser and a flirt. But, the one thing about these type of characters is that they all get redempted. Riven get his redemption in season 2, Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender gets redempted, and Bell Renjouji from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live( watch it, it’s a good show, dammit) gets her own redemption, as well. It’s something that’s entertaining to watch, and if they go that route with Nex, I feel that the fandom will become more convinced that he’s good for Aisha. Though with what they’ve been doing with the characters recently, I’m keeping low expectations of his character development.




But is Nex relevant to the plot in season 6? No, he isn’t. One might argue that he was there along with Thoren to help defend Lymphaea in S6E3 but they still lost to the Treants anyway. Just as Thoren exists just to be Daphne’s love interest, Nex exists just to be in the love triangle. His character otherwise has no purpose in the story.

Nex has no reason to like Aisha, but there are 2 theories I’ve come up with as to why he is in love with her.

1. Opposites Attract.

Now the one problem I have with the couples in Winx is that those involved in the relationship have too much in common with each other. With Aisha and Nabu, Nabu was just a calmer, more sociable version of Aisha. We can’t lie however that he had a great influence on her. The rough-and-tumble girl softened up considerably and became more feminine ( though her constant gushing over Nabu could get a little grating). With Nex, I think it’ll be Aisha doing the influencing. Whilst Nex lacks sympathy and tact, Aisha is quick to sympathise with people and knows how to handle other people’s feelings. Her tough and no-nonsense attitude would put him in his place and prevent him from being rude and insensitive. In other words, he can’t be a jerk around her and I think he knows that. Nex knows he’s a jerk and subconsciously wants to improve himself. As a result, he feels attracted to her because he knows that being around her would make him a better person! Now, if only the writers would choose to go down that route…

2. Nex likes challenges.

Managing to get a girl like Aisha to date a guy can be quite a challenge. She’s pricklier than a cactus and moodier than a teenager. Nabu managed to conquer this obstacle and ultimately won her heart. Roy had it easy, but with Nex, she’s put up her defences again. This is ironic, because it not only grabs his attention, but makes him all the more determined to get through to her. This happened with Nabu and this will definitely happen with Nex. With looks and badass skills like his, I think it’ll be safe to say that he’s fairly smooth with the ladies. So, when Aisha doesn’t fall for his charms, he feels impressed and sets out to make her fall for him (and prove he is the ultimate player!!). Though this might seem shallow at hindsight, as Nex tries to get her to fall for him, he will soon find himself falling for her. These sort of things happen in romantic movies all the time so I won’t be surprised if the story went this route instead.

Finally, I think that Nex has the potential to be a good character. The fact that he’s greatly flawed leaves lots of room for improvement. His lack of relevance to the plot doesn’t stop him from being a great character, and I find him more likeable than Roy. Good luck, Nex! I’m rooting for you all the way!

Well, as you can see, the theme of the blog has changed quite drastically. That’s mainly because the Twenty Eleven theme just wasn’t doing it for me. This theme however is God-sent. Anyway, all this talk about boys and romance has made me quite hungry, so I’ll stop writing now. Next, I’ll be reviewing S6E4. Oh, goody.

Winx Club Season 6 Episode 3: The Flying School



Ahh, finally! An episode I can confidently say is good! Apart from a few issues here and there, I would say this episode was pretty cool.

The episode kicks off with Mrs Faragonda putting Griffin the crow under Roxy’s care. The Specialists are then shown training with the Paladins on Lymphaea College. Sky goes up against his cousin, Thoren whilst displaying an annoying amount of angst. The Winx are in their dorms comforting the pixies. Timmy gives Techna a call and invites her to see them in training. After getting a makeover from Techna, the Winx head over to Lymphaea. When they arrive, Flora goes off to see Miele and the Winx go to the arena were the guys are fighting. Sky beats Thoren with ease and Roy challenges Nex to a duel after he blatantly flirts with Aisha, only to be sent flying over the arena. Aisha saves him and gives Nex a piece of her mind. Flora has a reunion with Miele and has a mother to daughter talk with her about their powers. Roxy reports back to Faragonda and the two work out that the crow is Griffin and that Cloud Tower has been taken by the Winx.



At that point,Cloud Tower shows up at Lymphaea and Selina unleashes the Treants on them. The girls…and Miele transform  whilst the Specialists and Paladins team up to try and beat them. Bloom deduces that Cloud Tower is the cause of the madness and flies up there with her teammates, blasting freshmen out of the way. They reach Selina and try to attack her but their plan backfires when the Legendarium deposits them out of Cloud Tower. The Specialists rescue the Winx and retreat as the girls are too exhausted to fight and 5 of them have lost their powers. They return to Alphea and tell Faragonda their predicament. Bloom decides there and then to split her powers into sixes and gives the others five, as she didn’t lose her powers. Faragonda tells them that they will get their new transformation  by doing a good deed. This new transformation is called Bloomix.



Let’s get all the repeated praise out of the way, shall we? The animation is still keeping its high quality and the voice acting was above average. Thoren has the best voice so far out of all the guys, though Nex gets the gold for best character design. He’s very good-looking and is such a badass with his sword/scythe…thingy. The dialogue was cheesier than episode 2’s but there were lots of stand-out lines spoken by several of the characters. Apart from unnecessary grunts and noises made by most of the cast, the voice acting was good. I also love the new dresses Stella designed for the girls. It looked really pretty and gypsy like, managing to look elegant yet wild at the same time, especially Aisha’s and Musa’s. Despite their uniform flop, they looked effortlessly gorgeous. I also like the Specialists new outfits. They look cool.


But, this episode had lots of problems that needed to be addressed. This is something called ‘plot convenience’. It happened in episode 2 and it happened here. It seemed as though the writers were trying to worm their way out of making the character have to explain things to another character by making the character who’s supposed to be in the dark conveniently ‘know’ stuff. Bloom suddenly knew who Thoren was despite having never met him before, Miele knew what Cloud Tower looked like even though she’d never seen it before and the Winx conveniently knew they had lost their powers despite only de-transforming. Doing things like that give the viewer a sense of laziness and sloppiness, and trust me, there’s been a lot of lazy and sloppy writing in Winx recently. The action felt slow and minimal on the Winx’s side as the majority of the fighting was done by the Specialists and Paladins. Naming the transformation Bloomix was completely unnecessary, though I thought it was a good idea for Bloom to give her friends some of her powers. I mean all this while, we’ve always heard how the Dragon Flame is the source of magic but it was never really used as a source of magic until now. But I understand why it pisses several people off. Miele’s sudden jump in age was confusing, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.


Overall, an impressive episode with lots of things to like about it. It seems as though season 6 won’t be so bad after all.

Best lines: “Who may I ask is releasing such a barbaric yell?” Trainer from Lymphaea

“Legendarium, wake up the Treants from their torpor and unleash them against       Lymphaea!” Selina


The Good

Nice Character Designs

Good Voice Acting

Slowly Improving Dialogue


The Bad

Plot Convenience

Slow Action

Winx Topix: Roy x Aisha x Nex I

I’ve just finished re-watching episodes 3 and 4 for the purpose of reviewing. Episode 3 introduced us to Nex and Thoren, two paladins who, out of nowhere, join up with the Winx and Specialists to help them with defeat the Treants. And, of course, with new male additions, comes new drama! This time, it revolves around Aisha, Roy and Nex, all bound together by the classic love triange. Today, I will be looking at the characters involved in the love triangle and their relevance to the plot. I will also look at their relationship with Aisha and shamelessly compare them to Nabu, Aisha’s old and currently deceased boyfriend. First let’s take a look at Roy.



Roy was first introduced to the audience in S5E6 as a young man who worked for Aisha’s father. He was later seen in S5E8 as well as the season finale, where he helped keep the mutant mermaids at bay. When I first saw Roy, he was actually my favourite male in the show, bearing in mind that I saw season 5 before I watched season 4 and finished watching season 3 (so don’t get mad at me, Nabu fans, I saw Roy before I witnessed Nabu’s awesomeness). In fact, whenever I go back to watch S5E8, I can’t help but feel a surge of affection towards him. Then, season 6 came along. Needless to say, Roy went from being my favourite male character to being my least favourite character, ever.

The reason why I stopped liking Roy and stopped shipping RoyxAisha was to do with Nex. Nex’s appearance in season  6 and his being a suppposed ‘threat’ to his relationship to Aisha brought out a new side of Roy, one that was possesive, malicious and jealous. Even his profile picture says that! With that body posture and over-confident smile, how could I not have seen it coming?! What happened to the sweet, shy guy I saw in season 5?! Well those of you calling Roy ‘Nabu 2.0’ can stop that, because he’s nothing like Nabu! Five of the things that I liked about Nabu was that he didn’t get easily jealous and was confident in his relationship with Aisha. He was neither posessive nor hot-headed, and his peaceful nature complimented Aisha’s more rebellious one.

Nabu looks worried. He should be, his evil clone has come and taken his place and Aisha’s trust.

Roy, however, doesn’t compliment Aisha. In fact, I can’t think of any good points about Roy that doesn’t come from being brave and handsome. Over time, his somewhat domineering and over-protective attitude will eventually get on Aisha’s nerves. And I can’t wait for when they do!

So how is Roy relevant to the plot in season 6? In season 5, I could understand him being there as he was the only guy who could protect the girls because he could swim and breathe underwater. But, after that, shouldn’t he have returned to Andros to continue driving Aisha’s dad’s yacht driver? Or was he so overcome by his love for Aisha that he simply felt that he had join Red Fountain, to gain better access to Alphea? Now, word has gotten out that Nex will indeed steal Aisha’s heart (hopefully), so what’s the point of him still being there?


To make sure they end their relationship properly!

But what was the point of their relationship even existing?

Isn’t it possible to have a young male character who doesn’t become romantically involved with one of the girls? It’s Winx, of course it isn’t! Roy’s existence was neccessary in season 5, but in season 6, I really don’t see why he should still be there. He’s kinda like a leech. How did he suddenly become pals with the Specialists anyway?

We also never got to find out why he was suddenly in love with Aisha. The reason Nabu fell in love with Aisha because seeing her face always brought a smile to his face. So what happens to Roy whenever he sees Aisha’s face? We don’t know. Hellllooo! If you’re gonna crush on someone, at least give me a sufficient reason why you are!! If it’s one of those ‘love at first sight’ things, then, trust me, his relationship with Aisha is going to fail.

Overall, I don’t think that Roy is a good character. He’s irrelevant, unlikeable and a downright awful rip-off of the real thing. He was no personality whatsoever and has no meaning to the plot at all. I really hope he returns back to Andros soon. He won’t be missed.

Winx Club Season 6 Episode 2: The Legendarium

The Gloomy Wood Trolls. Real inventive name.
The Gloomy Wood Trolls. Real inventive name.

Well, this episode was certainly…interesting. I liked it far better than the season premiere, but it still has loads of problems.


The Winx return to Alfea with Daphne as the new History of Magic teacher. The girls discover from the newly returned pixies that it is Miss Faragonda’s 100th year of teaching and use this as an excuse to throw an impromptu party. At Cloud Tower, we are inroduced to Selina, a new witch from Earth, who demonstrates her powers to Griffin: the ability to use a book called the Legendarium to bring mythical monsters to life. Using the book, she causes havoc and destruction in Pixie Village by awakening the Gloomy Wood Trolls. The Winx try to defend Pixie Village but realise they don’t stand a chance because there are too many of them. Griffin tells Selina to stop, which she does, not before the Trolls take every other pixie minus the Winx’s bonded ones. At that moment, the Trix decide to take over Cloud Tower, turning Griffin into a crow/raven, gaining the support of the students and separating Cloud Tower from the ground, making it float. They single out Selina and get her to join them defeat the Winx.

If I saw the Legendarium in my local Asda, I would give a fan girl squeal. Because it's so pretty.
If I saw the Legendarium in my local Asda, I would give a fan girl squeal. Because it’s so pretty.

Animation is good, sound is great. Selina is easily one of the best voiced characters yet. I thought only Darcy could sound deep and dark, but apparently I was wrong! She also had the best lines in the episode, another thing I thought only Darcy could have: ‘I’m surprised she doesn’t do a swan dive right into his face” lol! Speaking of Darcy, I’m glad the girls are finally back to their old form, though I’m confused as to how they got rid of Dark Sirenix. But not only are they human again, they’ve also taken on new outfits themselves, made and manufactured with their own dark magic. I loved the raven imagery as they transformed. It really made them feel and look evil. I’m also impressed with their powers as well. It’s been a while since we saw how powerful the Trix really are.

Selina, one of the few reasons I actually enjoyed this episode.
Selina, one of the few reasons I actually enjoyed this episode.

Now, we’re on to the bad things. This episode wasn’t void of cheesy dialogue, the major culprits being Musa and Stella. Everyone else had reasonable lines. Speaking of Musa, I’m really getting tired of the writers giving her lines off screen. At least they’ve given Tecna some attention. I also hate the new school outfits that Stella designed for them. Well, maybe not hate, but annoyance. I thought that they would wear the clothes they wore in the opening-which were way better. I was especially disappointed in Aisha’s and Musa’s, it  didn’t fit their personality very well. Bloom’s plait and fringe look really disjointed on her big head. In my eyes anyway.


The pixies. This was probably the most annoying part in the entire episode. Not because Digit and Tune were gone and had new replacements, but because of the fact that though the entire pixie village was ramsacked and the pixies locked away in Selina’s storybook, the Winx just decided to shrug it away under the excuse that the pixies were in hiding! What?! I mean, Bloom had made it very clear that they were no longer in this dimension. Seriously, which writers are Ignio Straffi hiring?! They clearly signed themselves up for trouble the moment they wrote this into the script. Why?

The pixies didn’t need to get captured. What was the point?! I can tell you with great confidence that, apart from a brief mention in episode 3, the pixies and their plight are never mentioned again in the frickin show.

If the girls decided to search for the missing pixies, it would lead them to the Legendarium much earlier than expected. Though that really couldn’t have been a problem as the entire Legendarium is unearthed in episode 7 anyway.

The scene was poorly written and executed and is probably the most blatant example of ‘plot convenience’. Ugh.

I think the only reason I liked this episode far more than its predecessor was because it chose to focus more on the witches this time than the fairies. Apart from that, everything else about the episode was mediocre at best.


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